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Archuleta County Guard

Taking back our County. . .
one person at a time!


You know something is WRONG in this County, and you realize that our County is just a microcosm of a far greater threat across our entire country... Government run amok. In order to take our nation, and County, back, we must stand on the law and Constitution, and hold those who would deprive us of both, accountable. Archuleta County Guard (ACG) is the start of that end!

Archuleta County is in trouble, in many ways, as anyone who is connected at all with local government officials knows full well. ACG is an attempt to bring County citizens together in unison to take back our County from forces that have forgotten who the masters are and who the servants are. We, The People of Archuleta County, are ultimately responsible for local government, PERIOD. It doesn't matter what status any local or state government employee has, they all answer to The People. We have the power and authority to bring about change in this County, and change is exactly what is about to happen!!!

People all across this County are fed up with the "Good ol Boy" club whose motto is, "Hurray for us, and screw you." Well, this "good ol boy" club is a dinosaur, and will be going out the same way, and We the People will make sure of that. In order for that to happen, we need to remind ourselves of what our Constitution actually tells us, and what the Rule of Law is. If we do not understand these fundamental things, we cannot maintain our rights or stand on anything but fear, and allow intimidation to rule our lives.

If you have ANY complaint at all about our County, then you have an even greater responsibility to act than those who have no idea we have problems. Knowledge is power. Ignorance is weakness. Freedoms and rights cannot defend themselves. Unless we act together, our County and towns will continue to suffer, and our rights and freedoms will continue to be encroached upon.

ACG Mission Statement:

  • ACG is dedicated to providing for the education on and support of Constitutional law and government, whether Federal, State or local government. All Constitutional Law begins at the local, County level and NOT at the Federal level. The U.S. Constitution guarantees natural rights, and that the People of the several states authorize government to act, but only within Constitutional boundaries. Government "Of the People, By the People and For the People" begins WITH the People, and the respective Counties within the 50 sovereign states is where this authority begins.

  • ACG believes that change will NEVER come from trying to deal with Washington, or State governments. Change MUST begin at the local, grass roots level, with individuals working together toward the common good of all, and creating a moral, ethical and Constitutional local County government. It is HERE where the true power of government begins, and where out-of-control federal government has LITTLE Constitutional OR legal authority. Without this foundation, and the enforcement of this foundation by the People, American freedom will be an historical memory in our lives, and our children and grandchildren will never taste of it.

  • ACG will be comprised of Americans that believe in Constitutional government and in seeing to it that all Federal, State and Local governments abide by their Constitutional restraints of power and authority, and obey their oath of office... something being grossly discarded by most politicians and government employees today.

  • ACG is NOT for timid or fearful people not willing to stand against corruption, and to address those issues as they threaten life and liberty. Rather than hiding from the threats we face through distractions and blind entertainment, and blind trust of those governing and reporting to us, ACG is for those willing to stand up to resist these threats. Our Founding Fathers did just this and were facing less than what we are facing today in America and the world.

  • ACG is not a "military" organization, but is similar to the constitutionally mandated "Militia" and it fully endorses the right to keep and bear arms, as provided for by the Second Amendment, and as a means of community safety and deterrent against crime and unconstitutional behavior by any, and as a means of preserving the freedoms and rights of all Citizens of the Several States.

Who might be interested in supporting ACG? Anyone who wants to maintain freedom in the States of the U.S. of America, and who is willing to defend such freedoms. Unless the People of the States are vigilant and willing to hold their governments accountable to their will and to the Constitution, freedom can never be maintained.

  • ACG is seeking individuals who understand the threats we face and are willing to stand against these threats at any cost in their local communities. Some may belong to one or more local or national groups, but group politics and agendas are not what ACG is looking for, although we certainly are supportive of many such groups who stand for what we stand for. ACG is working within the Liberty Zone concept as a focal point for LOCAL activities between community citizens, and providing a way to collectively act on the local threats to Constitutional law in OUR area, and as an example for other counties across Colorado and the other States which will follow.

  • ACG supports all aspects of community services and support, from legal law enforcement to disaster relief. ACG also has as its primary mission the revealing of the truth regarding all aspects of government actions, at whatever level, and holding government accountable to the People and the Constitution. This will be done through local community education programs.

  • Each County within the 50 sovereign States will have an independent County Guard, specific to each individual County. The County Guard (TCG - the national group) stands only as an umbrella organization as a means to provide unity, information, data and sharing of missions and goals that are to the benefit of all Counties and peoples across the 50 Sovereign States.

  • Colorado State, made up of "The People" within Colorado, stands sovereign to the Federal Government in most every aspect of daily functioning. EVERY County within each sovereign State has authority over its own area, with the County Sheriff holding authority over ANY unconstitutional local, State or federal activity or attempt to usurp jurisdiction over the People or Constitution within said County.

The definite threats to We, The People:

  • ACG holds that all rights of The People come from God and Natural Law, and that the Constitution protects those Natural Rights, but does not create them or enforce them. All Natural Rights come from the creator God, and the Founding Fathers created the Constitution to maintain those rights. The problem has become one of gradual usurping of power and authority by various government agencies, which We the People have allowed to happen through forgetfulness and ignorance.

  • Americans have been very trusting of their elected representatives in the past. This blind trust has led to a gradual "taking advantage" of The People, and the People's gradual loss of knowledge regarding the Constitution and law, and how our rights and freedoms are being eroded in countless ways. ACG's mission is to re-educate "We the People" of Archuleta County with truth, facts and evidence, and to correct the loss of freedoms and rights.

  • ACG can only work if individuals take personal responsibility for their freedoms. Payments MUST be made to preserve freedom. There are no specific commitments to ACG other than your firm belief in this Country, your freedoms and your willingness to defend your family and children, and your community, from domestic threats that seek to destroy them. ACG does not want fence sitters or those who are timid or fearful and unwilling to stand with others of like mind. Our Founding Fathers, and others, had a lot to say about those who were not willing to fight for freedom, and many gave their lives to assure what we now are taking for granted as a nation.

  • ACG and the education you will receive will challenge you like nothing else you've encountered in your life. You will hear and see things that will anger you, defy imagination and stir you up in ways you never thought possible. ACG will also EMPOWER you with knowledge and means to achieve what you have always wanted to do against injustices and other wrongs against society, but had no way of implementing by yourself.

  • ACG does not endorse violence or criminal activity as a means to its ends. ACG's mission includes belief that many of the American People still have the fortitude, ethics, Godly morals and strength deep down inside that can make this nation strong once again, and that this strength can be rallied through education and through working together with others.

  • If you have any desire to support your local community, your family, neighbors and your country in the most important ways possible, you'll become involved with ACG. Without you, we will simply watch our freedoms continue to erode and our County continue its spiral down a black hole.

What can we begin to work on in Archuleta County?

  1. Holding local elected officials accountable to their Oath of Office: People across the County have seen, time and again, unethical, immoral, illegal and unconstitutional activities by local elected officials, all the way up to the judges of our courts. Some elected officials are routinely violating the Public Trust and our Constitutional rights. All this is being, or has been, documented. We must demand an accounting of their actions, and where challenged, they MUST provide a public answer to ALL of us. If they do not, they MUST be recalled, removed from office, taken to court where crimes have occurred, and new elections held to replace them. They will be held liable for ALL illegal activities any were or are involved with.

    A recall of elected officials consists of simply obtaining signatures of residents of the county on a petition, requesting this recall and new elections. WE have the power and right to put in power those who WILL abide by the constitution and rule of law. The "good ol boy" club must also be noticed and if they in any way violate anyone's civil rights, or cause any subversion of information or county monies for personal or financial reasons, they, too will be charged, and sued personally.

    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO ALL ARCHULETA COUNTY ELECTED OFFICIALS, INCLUDING JUDGES, ALL COUNTY EMPLOYEES, AND OTHER CITIZEN: If you are involved with ANY illegal, unethical or unconstitutional activities, or KNOW of such taking place, or suspect it, you are now liable for this knowledge and will be held legally responsible if you do NOT step forward to correct the situation or bring knowledge of any situation to light. In other words, you are an accomplice in the activities if you do nothing!

    Citizens of Archuleta County: You can provide documentation of ANY complaint you may have against ANY county officials, or other individuals you have evidence against. Here are some of the obvious problems:

  2. Archuleta County Finances: WHERE HAS THE MONEY GONE??? $2.8 million in the RED? We should receive an accounting of ALL spending, from every department in the County, a job description for every employee and accountability for work done. We should have the truth about recent audits. How do we do this? Simply write a letter requesting specific information on audits, finances and worker job descriptions. See sample Audit request letter*.

  3. Sheriff/Deputies neglect of constitutional duties, or gross interference in private affairs: The Sheriff is the most powerful elected official in the County, having authority to even control federal agents (IRS, FBI, CIA, etc.)and requiring them to check in to the County before any activity takes place in this county. This authority is for OUR protection. He is our elected representative... defender of our constitutional rights under the rule of law. He can control Federal encroachment into OUR community and FORCE them to comply with the law and Constitution. If the Sheriff and deputies do NOT perform this function, and protect our constitutional and legal rights locally, they are in violation of their oath of office and the public trust.

    The Sheriff's office, and Deputies are OUR servants. From routine frivolous traffic stops to rake in money, to house visits, if it is NOT constitutional, they are breaking the law and are liable for civil and criminal law suits. Whatever happened to the "Peace officer" we used to know? We seem to have too many military Gestapo, revenue-collecting thugs who terrorize, daily, Constitutional-abiding citizens doing no harm and committing no crime, though charged with unconstitutional "infractions" which bring wealth to others.

  4. Illegal Immigration: Local jobs are being taken by illegal immigrants in our area, forcing local residents to go elsewhere for work, or have no work anywhere. They are also forcing the wage levels down. We have the right and duty to uphold the law in our county and begin holding both businesses and individuals accountable for hiring illegals which is a violation of law!

We have access to top constitutional attorneys and professionals who are working hard across the country educating people on their rights under law, and helping us all to restore freedom and the rule of law. We have some local citizens who are able and willing to help with seminars, classes, and web/email material to help all of us learn and be enabled by knowing the law... which is as simple as A, B, C, 1, 2, 3.

If we want to see changes in our County... want to get back to good government... want to set an example for counties all across the country... and are WILLING to ACT... then we MUST begin acting NOW to correct the problems or we have had it.

Remember: You can provide documentation of ANY complaint you may have against county government officials, judges, etc., which will be kept confidential, and which we can use for future legal activity.

Email for more information or to add your name to our Guard list and email list. We will use this to maintain communication and to make recommendations, provide information, alert you to meetings, seminars, and ways to be involved locally.