If you have any kind of complaint, whether legal, constitutional, ethical or otherwise, WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU.

We have access to top constitutional attorneys and professionals who are working hard across the country educating people on their rights under law, and helping us all to restore freedom and the rule of law. We have some local citizens who are able and willing to help with seminars, classes, and web/email material to help all of us.

Please realize that you do NOT have to be an attorney, but can actually represent yourself much safer than hiring an attorney.

In order to join forces and hold people accountable, YOU need to do your part. If you have any kind of evidence of criminal conduct, ethics violations, discrimination, fraud, theft, unfair treatment, or whatever, in Archuleta County, all you need to do is to document this in a simple "affidavit form," which is your own written documentation. This means a statement of your evidence, in your own words, on paper, notarized and either sent to us for our records, or simply as your own documentation. We can help with this.

We should not fear our government, the government should fear us, and the ONLY way this can happen is for good people to ACT. Learning what the law says and what power you have in using it will change your whole life, and those involved with ACG will be learning more than you could imagine about our Constitution, the Rule of Law, how to represent yourself, how to force compliance by the courts, etc. VERY POWERFUL stuff, but you HAVE to get involved and learn about it. It isn't nearly as intimidating as how they want you to think it is.

First, if you have an actual complaint, simply fill out the following Statement of facts, for us to file. Email us if you have specific questions or comments. (Please realize we get MANY emails, so please be patient. In the meantime, you can be collecting all the evidence you can, and spread the word to others you may know who were unfairly or illegally treated in this county, by officials, judges, officers... it doesn't matter. They all answer to us!)

This may take some courage on your part, but together we can stand... divided, we will fall. We have nothing to fear from authorities because we have the law and the Constitution on our side, and WE are the masters, they are the servants. Understand that... LEARN that, and you will find a peace that is empowering!!