Politics and Law: Does one preclude the other?

Anyone having even the slightest involvement with politics knows full well that politics in the U.S. have become not only corrupted, but extremely illegal. The supreme law of the land is the Constitution, and virtually every politician (545 of them) within the Federal Government has violated their Oath of Office, and the laws of the land, by supporting and condoning ongoing criminal (and fascist) behavior. The saddest thing is that the bosses of these 544 traitors (I leave out Ron Paul as his 20 year record stands on its own) are the main reason our country, our finances, our politics, our military, and everything in between, have been perverted.

Treason is a way of life for these people. Consider:

  • Every war fought since WWII has been unconstitutional, because by law, Congress MUST declare war, after thorough discussion of the issues.
  • The creation of the Federal Reserve to handle money is unconstitutional... only Congress has the power to coin money, and they cannot delegate that authority to another agency.
  • The U.S. Dollar... "Federal Reserve Note," is unconstitutional... Money can legally be ONLY Gold or silver (Or gold and silver-backed currency. The Federal Reserve Note is a worthless piece of paper, only supported by people's confidence in it. Gold and silver have value anywhere in the world and are NOT based on emotional whims or other false market stresses.
  • The IRS is fraudulently and unconstitutionally stealing money through the bogus "Income Tax" scam. Taxes come in two forms... direct and indirect, ONLY, and income taxes are NOT being assessed by either means, making it unconstitutional. Even the IR Code itself proves most Americans are NOT subject to "income" tax.

The conspiracy between these people and agencies is astounding. They are ruining America from the inside out. They are perverting our elections, manipulating our news through corporate control of the propaganda being fed all Americans if they depend on laimstream media groups, destroying our wealth and money, eliminating the middle class to leave only the poor dependent people and them.

We are facing a new election in November. Will America wake up and realize they are excited about "change" in name only? The change we will experience is in the same sick political hacks who will simply do business as usual. Just look and listen to the three candidates that receive any news exposure. They are the same thing we've had for decades. NOTHING will change except things will get worse and worse.

Unless we get back to the constitution and rule of law, and replace these 544 sick, treasonous, criminals, and bring them to justice, we are allowing 300 million people to be destroyed, our freedoms eliminated, and property confiscated through deceit and lies. Our selfishness and blindness.. our apathy... is also hurting the rest of the world. Our freedom is the world's only hope for true freedom and as we go, so goes the rest of the world. Can we not see that?

Has out military also joined ranks with traitors? Have they so blindly given up on freedom and our constitution... the oath they take to serve in the armed forces, that they willingly support torture, illegal wars, genocide of millions of people and support the demise of freedom and constitutional law in America by doing NOTHING to stop it?

How about the militarization of our police and sheriff deputies, or others in uniform? Is that healthy for a free society and do these people really care about constitutional issues and laws? They are quick to gestapo-like run roughshod over people in their arrogance of believing "they" are the boss. More traitors?

Worst of all, the dumming down of all Americans, our forgetting what our own Constitution says and means... brainwashing even into our schools and children's lives... with the lies and historical revisioning they love to do because they believe most American's are stupid, selfish, asleep slaves who won't do anything to stand against these threats as long as their personal little word isn't hurt too bad. Have we become a nation of cowards? How much do we pay the robber oil companies till we get sick of their greed and theft? How long do we bear the shame around the world of what this once great country has become... war criminals empire building over the bodies of others, and stealing the wealth of not only its own citizens, but the wealth of other nations?

How many warnings can a nation receive before it becomes too late? How much lawlessness can we allow before we find ourselves enslaved by the government we created to serve us? We are headed to the point of no return. We MUST act NOW, immediately, and JUST SAY NO to lawlessness, greed and put an end to this idiocy.

Will we do that or will go out without a whimper, and only THEN have to bear a life of misery and poverty serving the seed of evil and corruption, remembering the time where we COULD have acted and saved this nation and billions of others around the world, but shrugged it off, saying, "what can 'I' do about it," and simply continued our walk to the slaughter?