Registration and Evidence Form

This form is to collect whatever information you wish to provide us in helping to collect facts regarding possible criminal and unconstitutional activities in our county, or for those who need community help. We want to take back our county, and we need to work together on this. This can be personal experience of a criminal nature with county or other officials, or anything you wish to provide that seems wrong. If you prefer to discuss this in person, we can arrange this as well. Just Email us and let us know how you would like to be involved in supporting the cleanup of this county. Ideas, suggestions, etc.

Please fill out this simple form for the collective record. This is simply for documenting the facts, and to know where we can begin working on the biggest problems for all of us. Keep in mind that documentation is vital for any issue, so consider creating your own personal Affidavit to maintain in your records and which can be used later. This is important to do as soon after the incident as possible so credibility is maintained.

All information in this form will be kept strictly confidential.

Email Address for updates, meetings, etc.:
Other: Please Name
Have Physical Evidence?

Description: Please list all basic information with your comments, along with actual evidence you may have for criminal or questionable issues you are involved with, if any!